The outline type thingy to my project. (First draft)

February 20, 2008

The outline type thingy to my project. (First draft)Aftrer a very productive tutorial with Andi, i have pretty much figured out the process, and research topics that i will undertake for my project.The outcomes of my first meeting with Andi were pretty well defined, and clear.The purpose oif an MA is to demonstrate a deep understanding, around concepts of the project. This essentially means becoming an expert on the area.As my project is to create a social networking/news agency website, what needs to be done is pretty clear.The exsisting web 2.0 sites that exsist such as my space, or facebook are excellent research toolsBelow is basically a stream of consious set of considerations that i will loosely base my research fpor the project on. It’s admitally a bity all over the place, but i will later refine the ideas, to have several clear and consise lists of points of research etc…My intial instinct told me that this project was gonna be abouty creating a website, concentrating on stuff like html and other technical issues. I expected it to be about the nuts and bolts of webdesign.Working on a website, allowing maybe a hundred members on to use it for a few weeks, and then basically to refine it till, it was a useable site. And then put toghther a marketing campaign for it.However, after discussing this with Andi he made clear that the backbone of my final project will be my research of social networking sites, and the surrounding issues, rather than the final website itself.This basically means more research, and paper work!!!!The basic points coverd in the seminar, are going to be my blueprint for this project, and i am extremely lucky to have such a cleary structerd project so early on in the year.The following points all came out of discussions with Andi, and are either mine or his ideas.I found helpful to define what the main aspect of the MA is, it’s to demonstrate deep understanding, around the concepts of the project. Essentially to become an expert on the the subject area in this case, on all aspects of Web 2.0 (which Andi explained as being essentially a term for “new media” coined by Tim O’Reily).A study, and process of listing and catergorising exsisting social networking sites such as facebook, and myspace, there strenghths, and weakness, what there most used for (dating, picture sharing etc…)Funding issues are to be researched. Will i need to approach venture capitalists withe idea, where are the potential advertising streams. issues of having niche market, and solid information with which to advertise to people, what would i approach potetial inverstors with?Projections, feeback from clients, paperwork from the course.Why is the site so diffrent fdrom exsisting sites? This is an essential question to answer for the puposes of the project. Unless this site is bringing something something significantly diffrent from exsisting sites, then there is no value in dediacting an entire MA to it!!!A justificarttion of why the site should be on the web, over mediums such as mobile phone texts, letters or various other mediums of communication avaliable today. It’s also pretty essential to look at alternatives to the internet, such as pod casts, using wireless ipods, tests etc….Identify stsrting points, develop a strong deep meaning of what the site is about , and use them as jump of points for the rest of the project.Research conferance papers at the future of Web 2.0, of what it is, it’s future im[plications and impact on the world wide web, and day to day life, especially since blackberrie, and mobiles allow the checking of internet on the go.Jump cut’s is an exsisting site, which allows you to edit video footage online, can i use aspects of this top edit the documentry film content that i want to implemant on the site?!? Could i do the saame with a program like photoshop for the doocumentry photoographs people up load!??!?The concept of fame which most exsisting sites are used for, versus the interlectual enrichment avaiable at this site, and the comparitive issues, withinn both approaches.Before the website is to be launched i need to grasp interlectual implications of it, it’s uniqe selling point and it’s ethics.Copy rights, and rules and regulations of user generated sites.Is there a regultory body for the internet such as offcom? what are it’s guidelines etc..?!?Would there need to be some kind of legal disclaimer involved in the site? Just to protect against mitigation of offensive material posted on the site?What are the legal ramifications of posting on the site, copright issues, who owns the copy rights??The uk goverment laws on public speech, privacy etc.What if someone posts something that violates copywrites, privacy etc….Guidelines for the protection of children and young people, what kind of age retrictions, security balances against potential predators will be put in place. Specialist staff, ? Specialist program?!A short paper needs to be wriitten on each of the applications on the site. to explain how there created, and the justification behined them. Also there development need to be charted, why is it the way it is, and how it get there?Are settingfds for international languages going to be made avalkiable?!@?Introduced later like myspace? specific sites later?Language learning applications on the ebsite, frnch, arabic and german.Telephone/skype setting were bey web cam and phonnecalls can be made, for ease of interacting with other members.Emails can be sent to other email companies, therfore not just restrictinting it to messages. and a calender to arrange appointments.Basically it’s designed to intergrate as much as possiable to a persons life as possiable.Sign up for notifications of intret lectures, gallery events etc, locally, possiable advertising stream.Research about to launch similar sites, what are thete strenghths weaknessess. Is my idea still viable?Get into contact with the LCF future trend department, put ideas to them, and get into a developmental dialouge with them.How will you arrange the focus group for the development of the website?!What kind of demographic will you utilise, and how?!What are the practrical, and sociological implications of the site, what are it’s projected outcomes on society?!Explore the similarities between this and Wikipidia, people put there own applications to it, and imnnformation, which is self up dated.Demonstarte the research impliucations of this to students, or normal users, how will they access information, and what checks and balances are there aginst the potential for plagerism!?What or where are the potential revenue straeams? These need to be identified for the sake of investment, will it come from selling specialist information? subscription, sales on the site, advertising?!Could i obtain investment for the project to launch it as a fully fledged buisness, what kind of information would i need to make it happen?Projections, initial investment, expertise research, how complete a product do i take to them in order to show i’m viable?! Am i able to obtain ethical investment for the project?!The project is to create a ethicalsocial networking site, wich is also a digital news agency. 


What is digital arts, the forum.

November 21, 2007

This is the two minute video clip i put together, to explain my views on the digital arts.


Personal statement

October 25, 2007

BY Mani

In the last few years, my lifestyle has been increasingly influenced by the emergence of new media and digital technology. From having a massive impact on my social activities, it is also my most valued information gathering source. Digital Technology started enhanced my life when I was 19 years old. My interest in story telling which I had always developed through writing, further stimulated a passion for film making. Newly available digital cameras and editing software as well as the emergence of the relatively cheap PC market in the UK, all made this financially accessible.

The Digital Arts course offered by Camberwell College of Arts is attractive to me because of its openness and flexibility. It encourages both artistic creativity and manipulation of various mediums to inspire new digital media projects and art pieces. The College also boasts excellent facilities and resources. Further, I am excited by the opportunity to submit a Project Proposal at the start of the course. I find the freedom of choice in subject matter to be very appealing. The need to work consistently throughout the academic year to fulfil this proposal is also a positive challenge for me. I am incredibly excited, and enthused at the prospect of starting Masters degree at a college with such a rich history, and respected reputation within the creative arts world. I also look forward to the creative potential of collaborations between students on different courses, and even different colleges within the university.

My experience includes include producing and co-directing an animation, working several publications including ‘Black Film Maker’ Magazine, styling on photo shoots and fashion label promotion for a website. I have directed, produced, worked on camera have been production assistant on numerous music videos. I have been a runner on film and TV sets. I also have had experience in broadcast credits on cable TV, aspects of website design, film making, editing and project management. I also have experience in script writing and casting. I have specialised skills in digital photography, digital cameraman using Z1, PD150 and PD170 cameras as well experience with others. Besides my academic qualifications, I have trained in news reading, writing and directing a short film. Also, I have worked on a wide range of productions, including dramas, music videos, reports and live shows. I have in trained in the BBC news reading at YCTV and have written and directed in various short film making courses, including at Four Corners, YCTV, Fast Forward, World Wright. My eventual aims are to specialize in directing and producing films full time on a commercial basis.  Also, I intend to partake in collaborative projects with other groups as I am most passionate when working with others.

Although I have been hindered by my dyslexia during my previous academic career, I still managed to achieve higher education qualifications. In fact, I see my dyslexia as an advantage in this particular field. It allows me to think ‘outside of the box’ and non-laterally which gives me an edge within creative industries. The steps I want to take within filmmaking are by no means affected by my dyslexia as they are generally visually and practically based. I feel that my varied experience, drive and tenacity, and getting people to work together, will make me an asset to your college and student body as a whole. My well rounded skills and knowledge will be very useful for my course and classmates, and I also look forward to learning from others on the course.

A quick project proposal

October 25, 2007


By Mani

Research Question:
•    Can the ‘closed’ nature of political information be exploited to create an online community who will share freely and democratise information?
•    Explore the commercial, technical and practical ramifications of an international, politics based, user content generated website.

There are several aspects that need to be looked at for the sake of this website. The aesthetic and user friendliness will be rigorously tested through market research and user feedback. The information contained on site including political articles, and documentary footage must all be cleared through research of copyrights and legalities. Also, aspects of freedom of information, the ‘open book’ ethos of the 1960’s and other theoretical, academic aspects of information sharing must be looked at, so that the potential impact of the site can be fully measured and appreciated.

The various resources available to me will have a heavy influence on how I go about researching and executing the website;
-Using websites that provide information on the subjects.
-Using focus groups and user feedback in order to refine the website itself.
-Collaborating with lawyers, business support staff and gaining sound business knowledge to ensure a successful launch of the website and minimise potential business mistakes.

I will need a very powerful, top of the range G5 computer with internet access and large memory. I will also need a Dictaphone for lectures and interviews. I will need to demonstrate a working knowledge pf html and photoshop, as well as other basic office programmes such as Excel. I must have access to web designers, high quality video cameras and studios in which to film interviews etc. Most of these resources will only be required occasionally.

The first blog of my little digital adventure.

October 25, 2007

Hi, everyone.

My names Mani, i’m currently doing the Digital Arts MA at the Camberwell College of the Arts.

Just a quick intro, i’ve got a politics, and history background, which is what i did my BA in.

Why’s that relevant you ask?

Well, i’ve always heavily been into filmaking, and have spent 4 years working in the indusrty.

This meant i picked up a great deal of filmaking know how, and technical skills.

So thats basically where my arts/creative side has developt.

I got to work on everything, from documentries, to short films, animations, and music videos.

But i wanted something that would allow me to marry my intrtests of filmaking, and politics, and felt i needed something more substantial than a documentry.

I therefore decided on a politics/news based social networking site (new media being of great intrest to me), the aim of which, is to encourage cross cultural, and ideolodical discussion, between young, intelligent, politically active people.

Hello world!

September 26, 2007

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